The Rario Moment Cards are categorized in tiers based on how special the moment is; which decides its rarity and circulation. The tiers, in ascending order are Silver, Gold, Black, and Unique.

For example, the Dhoni World Cup-winning six could be a collector’s item available only to a few super-duper-fans who would love to own and flaunt it (and maybe trade it for a cool return on the marketplace!) That would make it a Black or Unique tier Moment Card.

But, Dhoni’s trademark helicopter shot, from say his 148 against Pakistan, could be owned by many more fans by virtue of being in higher circulation. That would make it a Gold or Silver Moment Card.

The Serial Numbers (SN) denote the circulation, or how many times has the moment been ‘minted’. Make sure you snag the early SN or some SN which related to the player, like 7 is to Dhoni — since they traditionally increase in value.

The type of moment owned by you will also come into play once we launch our games. Stay tuned for that!