Please follow the instructions below to purchase the card from the marketplace:-
-Choose a card that you want to buy.
-Select the serial number that you want to buy.
-Choose which mode (Credit or Debit Card) you want to buy from.
-Approve the purchase.

Choose a card to buy
Go to the Rario marketplace and choose the card you want to buy. You can search and filter cards by player name, player type, rarity, and more.

Select a serial number to buy
Multiple serial numbers of a card may be available for sale at a price chosen by the seller.

When you tap on ‘Select and Buy’ you will see the list of all serial numbers available for sale. Choose one and click on ‘Buy.’

Approve your purchase
Once you have selected your mode (Credit or Debit Card) and have sufficient funds to complete your purchase, approve the transaction. Congrats! As soon as you’re done, you’ll be the proud owner of another Rario card.

The card will appear in your vault once 64 blocks are added to the blockchain after your transaction.