Rario’s Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) unlock a whole new world of cricket fandom. 

Beyond being officially licensed digital assets – with proof of ownership, unique serial number, and limited supply – they give you an entry into an exclusive club, built for and by cricket fanatics. 

The NFTs are either short video clips of epic action (Moment Cards) or premium collectible cards of your favourite players (Player Cards).

These NFTs come in multiple tiers, each with differing scarcities. The more scarce an NFT you own, the more exclusive benefits you unlock (beyond the bragging rights of owning rare collectibles of your favourite players). The limited supply of these NFTs mean that they will always be available to a select set of super-fans. 

You can unlock a host of utilities, which include engaging games and experiences through ownership of this scarce digital asset. 

These NFTs are available exclusively on the Rario platform and you can get them in pack-drops, auctions or from the Marketplace. 

Do keep in mind that these pack-drops sell out faster than World Cup Final tickets – the last one sold out in a matter of minutes! 

Here is what makes our NFTs bonafide 'blue-chip': 

  • Unparalleled Design & Curation: historic moments and eye catching collectibles that belong in digital art galleries 
  • Exclusive Partnerships with the Top Players, Boards and Leagues