Rario is the first of its kind platform for officially licensed digital collectibles in Cricket. For the first time, passionate fans can participate in the digital economy of Cricket by buying, selling, and trading moments or cards — while showcasing their depth of knowledge about the game & their fandom.

The collectibles i.e. Moments & Digital Player Cards make up the essence of Rario, but upcoming features like Collection, Challenges, and an exciting game (https://d3.club/) bring these collectibles to life.

Show off your epic collection: Are you the biggest cricket fanatic and are not afraid to brag about it? Rario is the perfect place to take your fandom to another level. Want to curate the best relay catches at the boundary? Us too! Want to collect the cards of all players who won Man of Match in major league finals? Love it! You can go crazy and express your fandom here, and put it out for the world to see.

Trade with fellow fans: The hottest new Rario digital collectibles will drop in limited numbers, but you can put the ones that you don’t want (or the ones that someone else wants more, which will fetch you a higher price) up for sale in the peer-to-peer marketplace. Or, you can visit the marketplace to snag that one missing moment that will complete your collection of game-winning sixes!

Assemble your dream team, show them who’s the boss: Already well into development, the Rario mobile game will be the best way to put your dream team into action. Based on the collectibles you already own, you can play along during live matches or challenge other fans to not just get bragging rights but also win exciting goodies.