Please follow the instructions below to list your cards for sale:-
-Select a card from your vault that you'd like to sell on the market.
-Set the price you want to sell your card at.
-Submit your card for listing

Select a card from your vault that you'd like to sell on the market.
Head over to your vault, click on a card you want to sell, and tap ‘Sell on Marketplace.’ You will have to connect a crypto wallet to Rario to proceed.

Set the price you want to sell your card at
You can set any price you like for your card above the minimum sale prices for different rarities. The minimum sale price for a silver card is US$3, for a gold card US$50, and for a black card $500.

Submit your card for listing
Once you have chosen a price for your card, submit it to be listed on the Rario marketplace. While your submission is processed instantly, to ensure the sanctity of your transaction, we wait for 64 blocks after your transaction to the blockchain before your listing is fully active and purchasable on the Rario marketplace.

Payouts after a card are sold
Once your card is sold, Rario deducts a 5% marketplace fee. The rest of the proceeds are transferred to your connected crypto wallet. You will receive an email as well as a notification if your card is sold.

You will receive your payment in the cryptocurrency used by the buyer when buying a card. Currently, Rario accepts cryptocurrencies that are pegged to the US$ — USDC, USDT, and DAI.

Make changes to your listing
You can make changes to your listing after it is live in the marketplace (unless a purchase is in progress). You can change the price or cancel your listing altogether and remove your card from the marketplace. You can make only 5 changes to your listing every 10 days.