If you have just installed a wallet or are already using one, it is likely that your wallet is on the Ethereum network — the blockchain that powers the large majority of decentralized apps (dapps). However, transactions on Ethereum can incur high transaction fees (called gas fees) and depending on how congested the network is, several minutes to hours to complete.

This is why Rario uses the Polygon network. Polygon offers low gas fees and fast transaction times.

You need to switch to the Polygon network by adding it to the list of network providers for your wallet. Unless your wallet is on Polygon, you will not be able to list a card or buy a card from the Rario marketplace.

If you are using the Metamask extension, you can import the network in a single click. Tap on “Switch to Polygon” when prompted to switch to Polygon while connecting your wallet

If you are using a wallet app, you have to manually add a network. Tap on “Settings,” followed by “Networks,” and then tap on “Add Network.” Here you can enter the details for Polygon. The details will be provided to you while connecting a wallet to Rario.

Once you have connected a wallet on the Polygon network to Rario you are ready to buy and sell cards.