To ensure successful withdrawal from your wallet, follow the below steps –

Step 1: Complete your KYC on your Rario account

Step 2: Update your banking details

Step 3: Your name in the KYC document, Bank account, and Rario account should match.

Step 1: Complete your KYC on your Rario account.

How to complete your KYC on your Rario account?

  • Sign in to your account and Select wallet
  • Click on the SETTING icon
  • Select "Begin Verification" (Note: You will need a phone number if your number is not registered to your account for verification)
  • Upload your documents (PAN card along with either Passport or Aadhar ) (Any National ID proof for non-Indian users)

Note: Ensure that the documents are original and the photograph is not blurred. When clicking a selfie, ensure that the image or video is of your face and not any other document.

Step 2: Update your banking details

What are the bank details you need to update?

  1. Bank Name
  2. Account Holder Name
  3. Bank Account No.
  4. Bank Account IFSC (Indian)/Swift code (non-Indian)